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Shirin Van Dort as Istana’s New Brand Ambassador

Shirin Van Dort as our new brand ambassador

Shirin Van Dort as Istana’s New Brand Ambassador

Dubai— November 2019

We are thrilled to introduce Shirin Van Dort as our new brand ambassador ‘She embodies Istana’s unique values – from her audacious acting career choices to her unrelenting passion for perfection. She is beautiful, elegant, charismatic, and full of joy.

 She believes in innovation and boldness in her approach that brings creativity to her art in photography and acting.

 Our new campaign is designed to inspire women to express themselves with passion, optimism, strength, and style, and we have chosen Shirin because of her qualities, she also attends our events and promotes us through her social media. Shirin also does some of our campaign contents through her photography skills.

 About Shirin:

After she obtained her Bachelor's Red Diploma in Business Administration and Marketing from the Canadian University Dubai back in 2015, she then had the time to focus on her real career goal- within the Media Industry. From beauty-makeup video tutorials, vlog videos on her YouTube channel and acting on different local Tv shows in Uzbekistan as well as actively blogging on Instagram, she literally became the ‘IG It girl’, because of her love and passion for visual art of creating the content on her page.

 Hence, pursuing photography as a skill due to her love and passion for blogging and modeling, which makes her a person who truly understands what you need to focus on and which angle is best for ‘who’.  Making her understand shooting techniques and retouching portraiture images. She says: ‘Retouching photos is an art, it is a digital painting while keeping the real person’s natural appearance’.



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