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ISTANA Jewellers – a multi-brand luxury and unique bespoke jewellery company in the Middle East offering exclusive and one-of-a-kind jewellery.  ISTANA strives to find jewellery brands with a special combination of quality, design and value.

ISTANA is host to several jewellery brands and luxury time pieces. These brands each have exquisite designs, excellent quality and creative which draw on classical techniques.

About Istana


ISTANA Jewellers was founded in 2002 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. In 2010, ISTANA proudly introduced its own private collection named the “ISTANA Private Collection”.

About Istana

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As a family-run business, ISTANA has developed itself to be one of the leading jewellers in the United Arab Emirates, LONDON AND HONG KONG. ISTANA prides itself on its strong client focus, and maintains long term relationships with customers. Attention to detail and the quality of our jewellery and time pieces, paired with years of industry experience make ISTANA the perfect choice to partner with when choosing the perfect piece.

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I strongly believe that the success of ISTANA Jewellers lies in our creative vision, leadership and our dedicated and professionals employees. After establishing our first store in Dubai, Istana has since grown to an international company having offices in London and Hong Kong with over 20 partners globally. We strive to meet the expectations of our clients and partners.

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